Joanna WIERUSZ. Abstract painter (oils, watercolors, drawings). Born and educated in Poland, she now lives in France. She studied conservation, in addition to painting, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In the Wierusz-Kowalski family she is the third generation to be a visual artist. Her grandfather Alfred (1849-1915) was an internationally known painter of the Munich School. However, neither of her two children carries on the family tradition. Her daughter is a composer of classical music and her son flies the supersonic jets for the French Air Force. Light is the main subject of her artistic explorations and it defines the special relations in her paintings. It serves also as a form of expression of the artist's philosophy of life and existence. Her interesting biography and unique personality have an impact on her constantly evolving art. In her earlier works (from the 1970s), she used almost architectural forms to suggest a mass weight and the gravity of matter. That impression is emphasized even more with the use of the colors of nature, such as deep green or blue, browns and dark grays. Light, at first remaining on the surface, descends gradually into the depths of the painting. Discreetly appearing from the abyss and rifts between the massive forms, it becomes the inner light of the picture, and becomes more and more mysterious. In her works from that period, she combines the mystical element with the sensuality of matter. In later works, she has tended to brighten her palette. Through the slight strokes of the brush and the shallow layers of paint, she suggests dematerialization of the concrete forms. In more recent works, light has become the dominant element of the picture. She also suggests movement. A new feature of her art is the dynamism of a whirling energy. From the luminous emptiness, the central point of the picture, emerges a new reality. This reality is imprecise because it is in the state of becoming. The palette becomes much more colorful. The dominant color is blue and its different shades, colors of the sky, become the expression of cosmos and the idea of infinity. Sometimes she also uses golden yellow suggesting the life-giving sun. Joanna Wierusz divides her time between her studio in Paris and her residence in southern France. Her address is:

17 rue Pelleport, 75020 Paris, FRANCE

Phone: 01-43-61-75-84 or 01-43-44-22-99